Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical/Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop Tots, Hip Hop, Break Dancing/Pop n Lock/Liquid, Broadway, Creative Movement, Baby Ballet, Mommy & Me “Tiny Tutus,” Adult T/J Classes & Over 60 Performance Tap Group, CHEER Recreational & Competition Teams.

Pricing Table



Prices are based on a four week month.  Those months consisting of five weeks are included in the series price.


You may pay your bill in the following methods….

Pay for September by any method then submit 8 post dated checks for October through May.

Pay for September by any method then submit a credit card number with expiration and cvvc code.

Pay for the entire year in full and receive a 5% discount.  This payment is due no later than September 15th.


$10.00 OFF per month for 2 Dancers

$15.00 OFF per month for 3 Dancers

$20.00 OFF per month for 4 Dancers or more  

Leotards, tights, dance pants, unitards, dance skirts for girls, black briefs and or dance shorts for boys, and proper dance shoes for each class. No loose fitting clothes such as t-shirts, street clothes, sweats or any other clothing that we can not see your body movements properly.
Hair must be in either a ponytail or a bun.  Required Shoe and Dance Wear List emailed upon registration.