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Hip Hop Classes

Ages 3 and Up, no experience neccessary!

Meet Our Teacher

‘Benjamin Shaw


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Benjamin has been dancing for 20 + years. He started his training as a Hip Hop Street Dancer at the age of 9 through 18. ‘Benz’ started dancing in battles against other dancers all around the South Carolina East Coast area. The style of dancing he grew up with is famously known as ‘Street Dancing.’

Into his career of dancing after the age of 18 is when he met David White, where he began his training career as an assistant Hip Hop instructor and choreographer. He spent four years with David where he focused mainly on choreography for children and adults as well as competition dance teams and solo performances. Benz was also the dance leader of the “Gitt’em Boyz” a local undefeated dance crew where he created routines inspired by himself, and his favorite artists Usher, and Michael Jackson.

In his own words……… “I’m a scientist of the dance gift that was given to me and will train and shape students to become dancers such as myself. Kids are my first priority and I will always make sure they are happy and comfortable in class with the technique and choreography given to them. The look on a child’s face when they finally achieve the dance moves given to them, is my reward. I am ready!!!”