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Dance Class Description

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STUDIO 8 offers techniques from both the Russian and French schools. All classes start with a barre and finish with center combinations. Classes range from 1 hour in length to two hours depending on the level. Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance and is highly recommended for becoming a well trained dancer with strong technique. Our ballet classes require class discipline, and respect for one another and the teacher.


Baby Ballet

A thirty to forty-five minute introductory dance class for toddlers containing ballet and creative movement. Students are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary, while exploring movement and music in a fun, creative way. Our instructors use imagination games, upbeat age-appropriate music and props like scarves, hula hoops, tambourines and maracas to inspire and excite students about dance. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, listening and working with others. This class is a positive and fun first dance experience for all!



These classes teach syncopation in movement. Movements can be sharp and staccato or lyrical. Class starts with a warm-up, then moves to practice combinations for technique across the floor, and ends with a combination of dance. Jazz has a wide range of styles and interpretations. Jazz is a structured class that teaches the discipline of dance and a strong technique. Jazz classes are high energy, upbeat and fun!


Jazz Funk

Step and groove to your favorite Hip-Hop and RnB artists. Learn moves performed by artists such as Usher, Justin, Omarion, Ciara, Michael Jackson and more. The class starts off with a strength and style building warm up, moving into a different dance routine each week. Expect a fresh style and a variety between smooth, lyrical routines to sharp, hard-hitting choreography. Always a friendly, positive energy. Come in, be inspired, get an awesome workout and learn some cool moves!


Hip Hop

Hip Hop has many styles and techniques that give it a myriad of colors. Each teacher will bring their own attitude and flavor. From Hard hitting to smooth styles, hip hop is an expression of contemporary movement that is ever-changing and drawing from dances created on the street. Teaching the current styles like tutting, wacking, and dancehall are uniquely interwoven into the classically styles of popping, locking and breakdance.



Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive motions that tell a story. Students will learn lyrical technique along with how to express emotion through movement.



Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition.


Theatere/Broadway Dance

Theater Dance incorporates acting and sometimes singing with the movement. Students learn original choreography from Broadway shows, such as classic choreography by Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Michael Bennett, etc. Students also learn works from our own renowned teachers.


Martial Arts

Studio 8 incorporates all the protocol and discipline of a more traditional martial arts studio, but in a unique and fun manner for our students. The physical benefits are profound, as children practice kicking, punching, blocking, yelling, stretching, running and jumping during each interactive class.
In addition, our students grow emotionally and learn about respect, discipline, self-control, concentration and goal setting, as we instill these values employing the distinctive and fun Studio 8 way. The program is progressive, using belt promotions as the strong motivator. As children and teens get older and adults become more advanced, their training becomes more serious and intense, but always fun!


Majorette Dance

Majorette dance includes styles such as hip hop, hip hop funk, popping & locking, crump, lyrical, tap, african, free style, etc.  so you can experience all styles of dance and become well rounded.  Majorettes may also include props such as pom-pons, flags and ribbons.


Vinyasa Yoga

It is sometimes described as the “breathing system,” or the union of breath and movement that make up the steps. The word Vinyasa has been popularized and is now used in many yoga classes to describe the connection of one pose to the next. In this Vinyasa Flow class you will synchronize breath with movement. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. In a Vinyasa class, students awaken their strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere.